Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's Happening Now?

Many in our immediate family have had birthdays since my last post.

Kim-April 1, the day I had the rod removed from my leg (yea!) My mom's - April 6.

May got busy: Sandra (my mother-in-law) the 17th, Paul the 19th, Laurie the 20th, Eric the 23rd, and Rob the 26th. There were also three graduations during this time: Rob's (IT from Guilford), Jax, (Interior Architecture from UNCG) and Eric from High School.

I had my birthday June 3rd, Eden (my brother's daughter) also celebrates this month, and Jax is coming up June 22.

Then the anniversaries: Jax and Rob, Lexie and Paul, June 30.

Spring and Summer are so fun for our family! We're planning a family trip to New Bern (we have had some great memories there and go every few years) Sat., June 14 thru Sat., June 21. Not everyone can come for the whole time, but we're trying for everyone to get there at some point.

I can hardly wait until July when I'm going with Elizabeth (my little sister) to Key West! Just her and me - and we'll stay with Dad and Barbara. Maybe our brother and his family will be able to make it at the same time.... I'll post about these vacations later!

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