Friday, March 28, 2008

Having a Blog

Well, here's a new one for me. I think I'd like to get some pictures of my family together and make a pictoral history. Or, maybe I'll just keep a bit of a journal.

Either way, this should prove to be fun. I often visit The Harmon Squad blog to catch up on what's going on in my son and daughter-in-laws' lives. This, even though I see them nearly daily. But Jax has an adorable way of writing, and an endearing sense of humor. She's well-read, and, therefore a wonderful writer - and she's the best mother ever to Max! Rob did a great job finding Jackie! He's been so busy lately he has to schedule breathing.

Then there's Alexis who I have to visit MySpace to keep up with. I see or talk to her every day, and feel like something is wrong when I don't. She and Paul have a move coming up the end of May, and they'll be 15 minutes from my house instead of the 5 minutes they are now. I want to cry. . . No, it's great to watch them grow together. Having grown children is the very best! Alexis keeps my hair (and her sisters', her husband's, her dad's, and other family members') looking fantastic. She is a skilled hairdresser for sure. I could go on and on, but won't right now.

Then there's Jessica who keeps me hopping. She's living at home, enrolled in GTCC, keeps house, does the wash, cleans the kitchen runs errands for me and helps out at the shop when she can. She can be the absolute sweetest young lady ever. Graduating High School in 2007 has caused a huge change in her life!

My baby, Amber, is so grown up. Last night she and I went to Target. It was wonderful to have some time to spend with her, though a lot it was interrupted with phone calls. It was still one of the best times we've had together. Amber's a lot of fun, she's quick to pick up on humor, quick to laugh, and has a pleasant aura about her.

My husband is the master worker! Last night, though, he and Paul went to shoot pool (hence giving Amber and me time to be together.) I think they enjoy doing things together. Paul, though a head taller, looks up to Laurren. We're both tickled that he calls us mom and dad. Laurren enjoys pool and we got him a new cue for his birthday since his last one disappeared. If it ever shows back up it can be mine since it was pink.

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rob, jax & max: the harmon squad said...

Yay for blogs! Rob showed it to me and I put a link up on ours so I can check it out regularly (no pressure:) ).